Oh hai!

"My Wrecking Ball" new Ryan Adams song.

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My right hand will hold you fear thou not.

It frightens me to travel for a living. I remember days where I would have paid any cost to travel never mind being fortunate enough to do it while being “on the clock”. 

I’m not sure if it’s that I’m a college business manager or the stock market class/group I’m in that put a fear of money into me.

God is my provider. He will lead and provide.

Open wide my door my Lord, to whatever makes me love you more.

MewithoutYou C-Minor

It’s sad to say but I keep bumping into people who are having affairs. It troubling to come come across…

Find someone you love, who plays Into the big picture of your life and purpose. Fight to stay together when it’s hard and vice versa.

I’ve never had such a response towards my music till I didn’t have anything to say.

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